In Ghana we have championed “probity and accountability” and it’s now a household name.

But the question is:

Do we really appreciate and practice what we have come to know as probity and accountability over the years?

In Ghana again, my observation is that we have also adopted the “subculture” of not “respecting our own” to the detriment of the country.

I am saying all these in direct reference to the Tamale -Fufulso Tuna-Wa road constructed about five years ago!

This road which was awarded to Chinese contractors about five (5) years ago with funding coming from the African Development Bank (ADB) was a great news and the initial reaction to the award of this contract was a general euphoria not to talk about the completion of the job which has opened and expanded business opportunities to the people of the north, particularly the people of Wa, Domongo, Tuna and above all Tamale and it’s catchment areas.

One wonders with the construction of the Tamale Fulfuso road, the flourishing nature of the transportation system and the ease with which to commute easily from Wa to Tamale the least said about it the better to spare us that ‘useful noise’ in our ears.

But hey wait a minute!

The euphoria and ease that came with the Tamale – Fufulso Tuna-Wa road alluded to earlier is so short lived that the road has now become a “death trap” for commuters of that road.



Five years down the line over “thirty percent” of the “new road”. stretching from Damongo, Larabanga all the way to Jentilpe constructed with the tax payers money is in a state of “disrepair”.


Large portions of the road are “unmotorable” to say the least and the risks involved most especially with road accidents in recent times associated with the Tamale-Fulfuso road.

The legitimate questions are:

Who were the supervising engineers for the Tamale Fulfuso road?

Did they really perform their work as civil engineers?

The worse thing is that the Chinese contractors who executed the project have been left off the hook and may enjoying their “booty” from the sweat and toil of the Ghanaian tax payer due to the “criminal negligence” of our supervising local engineers.

Just compare this Tamale – Fulfuso road constructed by expatriate Chinese contractors and the Wa -Bamboi road also executed by a local contractor PW Ghanem.

Wa Bamboi road has been able to stand the test of time due the commitment of our local contractors in the construction industry.

But today as we speak where are the Chinese contractors who constructed the Tamale- Fulfuso-Tuna road?

With capital flight out of beloved country they are else in their country to enjoy their “loot” only to return with a different company name(s) to bid for yet another “lucrative GHANAIAN contracts to the detriment of the country!!!

From the pictures taken to back this write up one would be in a position to know what we are talking about here!

In conclusion I call for nothing short of social auditing of the Tamale-Fulfuso-Tuna-Wa road because those who supervised the Chinese contractors to carry this shoddy job may be our own brethrens and sisterens who are now like worms in roses who are still are the helm of affairs with their shameless “criminal intent!

A word to the wise is: “in the NORTH’S!!!

Francis mwenkun


Acting Executive Director – Savannah Development policy Think Tank

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