Atebubu in the Bono East Region Communities have been hit with acute water shortage, compiling residents to compete with animals for Water from Tuse stagnant water.

Trekking to the Tuse water, the yellow gallons, popularly known as ” Kuffuor gallon” in search of water have become a daily routine for the residents, particularly women and children.

The areas affected with water crises are Atebubu, Adom, Ahontor, Nwamwam and Konkombaline.

The situation they say is affecting their socio – economic activities. The communities depends on the only Tuse water which is fast drying up due to failure of rain. The situation for the past one year compelling them to resort to the untreated water for domestic and commercial activities.

The only source of water also serves animals in the area, which urine and defecate in it anytime they have their fill, exposing the residents to water borne diseases.

” Apart from struggle they go through everyday to get water from the Tuse, it is not safe for consumption but didn’t have the means to treat the water they have been drinking for the past a year, especially when there is no rain.

The residents expressed fear that the water was likely to dry up in the coming days.

They are appealing to the government not to reappoint the District Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Owusu Edward due to his abysmal performance interns of socio – economic development.


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